Friday, August 29, 2008

Strata Title

Dear Owners of SV units,

The land office had approved 313 strata titles while 149 had been rejected. There are total of 462 strata titles for SV. According to the Ketua Pengarah from the Land Office, 149 rejected titles will be resolved by September 15th 2008. Mr Christopher and Mr Chong had seen the Ketua Pengarah of Land Office yesterday on this issue and it was also confirmed Endah Raya has collected the 313 approved titles. By 2nd week of October all the owners should be receiving a letter from Endah Raya's lawyer to come and collect the title.

Thanks to Mr Christopher and Mr Chong for their effort of getting the strata title issue resolved for all the owners.

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Ju Lin said...

Thank you for all the effort appreciate it! From A-5-0-8