Saturday, June 27, 2009

Minutes of meeting with Lembaga Perumahan Negeri Selangor

Translation in ENGLISH.

2 a) In accordance with Act 663, any request for payment for service rendered should be attached with the detailed breakdown of the expenses for which the invoice is issued.

b) Any decision to incur capital expenses, house rules, or any other similar expenses must be approved by the majority in an EGM/AGM

c) The minutes of JMC meeting must be circulated to all owners as endorsed in the previous EGM.

d) In accordance with the National Land Code, any installation or house rules must not restrict an owner from having access to his unit and any part of the common area. JMC Shang Villa can't restrict any owner from having access to their units.

e) JMC Shang Villa is required to have AGM within 15 months.

f) JMC Shang Villa is not required to pay rental to the developer for the use of common facilities/properties which is indicated as common property in the strata plan.

Letter in the Mailbox

Received this letter from Mr. Christopher in the mailbox sometime back.

Our maintenance funds are seriously being manipulated?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Can MBPJ send 'fake' letter or "surat layang" ??

We are surprised by the 'boldness' of JMC members who can turn around their 'mistakes' by blaming the MBPJ (COB) letter is a fake one. If ever these letters didn't reach the owner's mailboxes on time, was JMC going to publish it on the notice board for our info? or probably just put up a 'postponement' notice for our info without the owners knowing they screwed up big time!!??

"If the person who steals, he will sweat". You take a guess now 'who' is sweating big time.

We have received too many emails on this matter and could only post it one at a time. Please be patient. One for now....

Email for any reviews/feedback/complaints.

On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 1:38 PM, (deleted) wrote:
Received MBPJ letter in my mailbox and surprisingly this morning on the notice board 'owned' by JMC, had posted their reply covering their mistakes by blaming the COB letter is fake...My god! 

1. Who is JMC to stop people from going to their own homes??. These people are owners elected by other owners to manage the funds in a proper manner but instead charging ridicolous RM30!!! Where is the RM30 going ? Who is making this money ??? We are already paying maintenance fees monthly and these upgrades should come from either the maintenance fees or the sinking fund. Why should we pay RM30 to go into our homes? RIDICULOUS. Also monthly invoices sent to us no longer comes with monthly income and expenditure. Why should I pay maintenance for something I don't even know where these bunch of JOKERS spending our money?? Shang Villa is not a Parliment building la.

2. Reply given to MBPJ (COB) with vague points! How silly. The best part is they have mention 95% or whatever has agreed...of coz you will achieve this percentage when you are using force! Some people are afraid but that doesn't mean all the owners will be suffering in silence!

3. IF people didn't pay their maintenance, then SUE them! There are provisions in the act upon owners who has outstanding amounts. GO and collect those who have not even paid once in their life in Shang Villa. And what right JMC has to impose such condition without even conducting a mini EGM to get all the owners approval on this project?? Passing resolution isn't good enough. You have no right to make such a big decisions to move the office and project like this without owners approval!! Also, why now getting the old man (Mr Tye) to go around and seek signature from owners? Why all this wasn't done before even implementing projects??

4. JMC has issued access card based on their likings. Firstly they are bunch of owners who didn't pay their maintenance at all and going around with the chip card. Secondly there are people who had paid money for the access card and till today they have yet to receive their access for nearly a month waiting for JMC so called 'APPROVAL'. 

5. They engaged a LAWYER....instead of fighting to get strata titles/money collection for us, they are using this lawyer (whose fees are paid by us owners by the way) to fight against US (JMB)!!!

6. So called good governance then where is your meeting minutes?? I only saw one after the EGM and that's it! 

7. JMC is acting according to their whims and fancies! They forgot people voted them in and that they can be voted OUT. What you think? running your own company with your own rules ah? When they go around with 'surat layang' during last campaign never mind but when others do they got problem. I am sure JMC will not post the MBPJ letter on the notice board if no one had received it in their mailbox because they are so scared whatever they been doing is illegal must be! Trying to justify illegal acts. What a shame!

8. And if these MBPJ letter was sent to them personally, do you think they will let all the owners know about their mistakes?? No way...they will put a nice words on a letter saying access card system has been postpone and no one will know why ! HUH!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Electricity Problem in Block A

Received the below complaint letter from an owner of Block A.

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 12:55 AM, (deleted) wrote:
What is happening recently? How come there is this electricity problem going on and no one is doing anything about it for so many days already... It happen to my unit (Blk A) sometime last week, however, it was not so serious, as the cut off of electricity is not so often only twice that same night, and after that day it seems alright for the rest of the week, until recently (3 days ago), it started coming back with a vengeance, happening more than 4 times a day, continuosly for the past 3 days...
It was very annoying and my concern was will this electircity coming on and off 'fry' my electrical & electronic appliances? and who is going to be responsible? Did I not pay my electricity bill or maintenance bill to have to endure this pain in the neck issue?

Well, I just hope even before anyone would to see this mail, this problem has already been solved....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are BACK!!


After almost 6 months, this blog is back as requested by many people be it an owner/tenant from SV.

To start the ball rolling, owners/tenants who wish to publish their reviews/feedbacks/complaints on matters relating to our condo please write an email to


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Water Leakage from Roof Top Block B Shang Villa

Received the below complaint letter from an owner of Block B. It's sad to hear and see the problems of lifts, water leakage and poor maintenance have yet to be resolved by the so-called transparent and efficient JMC members. Enough of talks and posting pictures on the notice boards. Bring down all the crapy old news on CHEAP PROMISES and get down to the REAL WORK!!! It's been 2 months now and we have yet to see any actual work done either painting or repairing all the critical urgent works such as lift and water leakage!!! Recently the lift in block A was also leaking when it was raining heavily!! The auto-gate system at the guardhouse repaired 2 months ago is down again for weeks! Even after 4 burglaries in the condo, no one is even  doing anything about the crappy CCTV plus the auto-gate door at the clubhouse! What an EYE SORE in Shang Villa! Why should we pay maintenance fees for such crappy services? Read the below complaint letter. The Chairman was not reachable even after several calls attempt to his mobile and Ms Anna the secretary could NOT do anything. WHY?? Hey this is not a glamorous job for just having the title of a Chairman or a Secretary, it's about servicing the people in this condo!!! It's voluntarily. If you are not prepared to take on such a big responsibilities there are others who are willing to do so. Buck up or LEAVE!!!

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 11:44 AM, (deleted) wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,


Good day to you. My name is (deleted). I have just purchased a property at Block B, XX-XX, Shang Villa in month of June 2008 and moved in on August 2008.


I was truly fascinated with the friendly neighbourhood when I first move into Shang Villa. However, after the last incident on 11th October 2008 has shocked me and my family. Our new home has been 'invaded' by gushing water from the roof top to our living hall during a heavy downpour at 5pm. The water leakage from the roof top to our apartment has damaged the plaster ceiling in the living hall. Pails and pails of water were collected from the leakages. Fortunately we were at home during the incident and our internal belongings were saved from the havoc caused by the water leakages from the external area. Please see the attached images which was taken during the incident. Cost of replacing the damaged plaster ceiling and repainting the wall is still yet to be determined. I tried to call the Chairman of JMC Shang Villa on the same day but at no avail even after several call attempts to his mobile phone. However, I managed to get in touch with Ms Anna Campbell but not much she could do to ease our predicament.


Such incident is a serious concern not to me alone but also to other residents who may experienced such tragedy in Shang Villa. I understand that the heavy downpour is an act of God but I do not agree to such poor maintenance at the roof top that caused the water leakages to our apartment.


The above is regarded as a formal complaint to JMC Shang Villa. I do hope for a reply on the above and also immediate action to remedy the defect.


Monday, September 8, 2008


This morning when I went downstairs at CP1 I saw the notice board was posted with so many things....overcrowded with too much information i.e. JMC 1st minutes, EGM Minutes, COB Report on the arbitration and JMC member’s pictures. Unfortunately they forgot to put up the notice on their next meeting and finally after so many owners had requested, the secretary had to post it on the noticeboard glass panel at the very last minute(dated 8th Sept 2008)!!! (Of which I found it was abit too late knowing that they had decided their next meet on the 28th August itself!) The notice of the next meeting was only posted after few owners had raised the questions on whether or not they are invited in JMC meetings! What is this? I thought the new JMC was all about transparency?? Which means, everything has to be communicated ahead of time given appropriate notice period to all owners so we too can plan our daily lives plus knowing what is happening to this condo?? Transparency is not about giving last minutes information to owners. We are not 'dustbins' to be loaded with too many things at one go just because someone is incompetent in time & information/communications management!

Too much information at one go and I nearly twisted my neck while reading all the information in FINE prints on the notice board and I also feel it's unfair to those especially elderly owners with eyesight problems who can't even read anything! These notices should have gone into everyone's mailbox. Worst still, for those who park at CP2, they won't even know anything!! You see this wasn't the case when the nominations for the EGM were going around. It was posted on all the floors plus CP2 windows. Why this is an exception when it's more important especially to all owners??