Sunday, September 7, 2008

Complaint Letter from Block A Owner

Received the below complaint letter from an owner of Block A. It's sad to hear that the lift in Block A is still in a very bad condition!!! So JMC ??? What's happening ?? Where are the notices of who is who in JMC as no one seems to know who you are??

On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 2:53 PM, (deleted) wrote:

What is the latest news? 2 weeks elapsed since the EGM and there is still no news from the new committee. Whatever happens the committee should inform the SV residents, and not just remain silent.

See, lift no. 1 in Block A has been left unattended for more than a month, and lift no. 2 just went out of order just now. We, I my wife and a lady staying at 10 floor were trapped (the lift decided to stop abruptly) between 2nd and 3rd floors. The guard forced open the lift door, and imagine we have to jump down from the lift to the 2nd floor (mid way between 2nd & 3rd floors). Now, I wonder anyone of the committee cares about getting both the lifts repaired?

Who is the property management compay tending to our building? What is the managing agent Muniandy doing? Looks like very soon there will be submission of complaints to the COB for the inactiveness of the JMC and managing agent. And, we, residents of SV will become the laughing stalk around town. Just hope this will not happen.

I appeal to the JMC to be sensible and logical. The residents placed their confidence in them to look after their well being by electing them in the last EGM. And the residents are hopeful that the JMC can immediately act to rectify the obvious fault in the building, particularly the lifts which are essential to the resident traffic.

Just pray the things will turn out to be better.

Apology from me for bothering you, but I really do not know who to turn to now.


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muddie said...

If you think the past JMC members were not doing their job, you guys are wrong. As you slowly begin to see, this newly elected are much worse. The power of blogging is powerful, so powerful it can change votes. But what those people fail to see is the dark side of the new JMC members, why are they so into changing this condo? Go find out for yourself. Start by looking in to hiring new contractors to upkeep the condo, and why they get to choose the contractors? What they post not necessarily means what they intend to do.