Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Water Leakage from Roof Top Block B Shang Villa

Received the below complaint letter from an owner of Block B. It's sad to hear and see the problems of lifts, water leakage and poor maintenance have yet to be resolved by the so-called transparent and efficient JMC members. Enough of talks and posting pictures on the notice boards. Bring down all the crapy old news on CHEAP PROMISES and get down to the REAL WORK!!! It's been 2 months now and we have yet to see any actual work done either painting or repairing all the critical urgent works such as lift and water leakage!!! Recently the lift in block A was also leaking when it was raining heavily!! The auto-gate system at the guardhouse repaired 2 months ago is down again for weeks! Even after 4 burglaries in the condo, no one is even  doing anything about the crappy CCTV plus the auto-gate door at the clubhouse! What an EYE SORE in Shang Villa! Why should we pay maintenance fees for such crappy services? Read the below complaint letter. The Chairman was not reachable even after several calls attempt to his mobile and Ms Anna the secretary could NOT do anything. WHY?? Hey this is not a glamorous job for just having the title of a Chairman or a Secretary, it's about servicing the people in this condo!!! It's voluntarily. If you are not prepared to take on such a big responsibilities there are others who are willing to do so. Buck up or LEAVE!!!

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 11:44 AM, (deleted) wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam,


Good day to you. My name is (deleted). I have just purchased a property at Block B, XX-XX, Shang Villa in month of June 2008 and moved in on August 2008.


I was truly fascinated with the friendly neighbourhood when I first move into Shang Villa. However, after the last incident on 11th October 2008 has shocked me and my family. Our new home has been 'invaded' by gushing water from the roof top to our living hall during a heavy downpour at 5pm. The water leakage from the roof top to our apartment has damaged the plaster ceiling in the living hall. Pails and pails of water were collected from the leakages. Fortunately we were at home during the incident and our internal belongings were saved from the havoc caused by the water leakages from the external area. Please see the attached images which was taken during the incident. Cost of replacing the damaged plaster ceiling and repainting the wall is still yet to be determined. I tried to call the Chairman of JMC Shang Villa on the same day but at no avail even after several call attempts to his mobile phone. However, I managed to get in touch with Ms Anna Campbell but not much she could do to ease our predicament.


Such incident is a serious concern not to me alone but also to other residents who may experienced such tragedy in Shang Villa. I understand that the heavy downpour is an act of God but I do not agree to such poor maintenance at the roof top that caused the water leakages to our apartment.


The above is regarded as a formal complaint to JMC Shang Villa. I do hope for a reply on the above and also immediate action to remedy the defect.



Zhuang Tze (庄子) said...

Hi Shang Villa,

When I was the JMC Chairman, I made sure that every call would be answered .Unfortunately,Shang Villa owners did not appreciate to have a civil Engineer ,with 30 years of experience, to serve them.
Now,I dare not volunteer my service any more lest the owners maight suspect me of embezzling their money.


Ir. C.M.Chong

muddie said...

I told my Dad, his health is more important than anything. Why should he waste his time on this stupid JMC thing if people suspect him of embezzling their money? They do not appreciate how smooth things were running when the old JMC was around, when my Dad put a lot of time and effort to help improve this place. My Dad is an honest and professional person, I don't care what people want to say about him, what matters is I know him. I have to actually thank the new JMC body for creating all these mess during the election in the first place, cause my Dad has more time to spend at home and enjoy life. ;)

Desmond Goh said...

Mr. Zhung Tze, are you not elected a member of the JMC ?

Brod Seale said...

Hi !

I have read your blog and would like to refer you to Consumer Complaints which i think would be of your interest. I hope you'll find it resourceful as much as i do.

rheanna said...

Hi, Was there any action taken by the management? Any refund made for the damage?
I live in another Condo... but i have been hit by the same problem...