Monday, September 8, 2008


This morning when I went downstairs at CP1 I saw the notice board was posted with so many things....overcrowded with too much information i.e. JMC 1st minutes, EGM Minutes, COB Report on the arbitration and JMC member’s pictures. Unfortunately they forgot to put up the notice on their next meeting and finally after so many owners had requested, the secretary had to post it on the noticeboard glass panel at the very last minute(dated 8th Sept 2008)!!! (Of which I found it was abit too late knowing that they had decided their next meet on the 28th August itself!) The notice of the next meeting was only posted after few owners had raised the questions on whether or not they are invited in JMC meetings! What is this? I thought the new JMC was all about transparency?? Which means, everything has to be communicated ahead of time given appropriate notice period to all owners so we too can plan our daily lives plus knowing what is happening to this condo?? Transparency is not about giving last minutes information to owners. We are not 'dustbins' to be loaded with too many things at one go just because someone is incompetent in time & information/communications management!

Too much information at one go and I nearly twisted my neck while reading all the information in FINE prints on the notice board and I also feel it's unfair to those especially elderly owners with eyesight problems who can't even read anything! These notices should have gone into everyone's mailbox. Worst still, for those who park at CP2, they won't even know anything!! You see this wasn't the case when the nominations for the EGM were going around. It was posted on all the floors plus CP2 windows. Why this is an exception when it's more important especially to all owners??

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muddie said...

Now this kind of strategy sounds familiar with our current political situation in M'sia, doesn't it? Talking about showing what's under the sleeves but turning off the lights.